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SOLD "Sophia from Ophir", stained glass and textile mosaic, 24" x 48", framed

G Latchford

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SOLD "Sophia from Ophir", stained glass and textile mosaic, 24" x 48", framed
Iridized clear glass around the moon and in the pyamid above the moon
Finishing touches...
Decorative solder accents on the arm band
Semi-precious stones embedded in the hair
Decorative solder accents on the snake and ring
Ancient Greeks and Gnostics revered Sophia as the personification of wisdom. The Greek root "ophia" also means snake-like, referring to esoteric knowledge. This deeper knowing is symbolized by the snake in many creation myths.
​In this work, Sophia is coming from Ophir, a mystical region said to have been so wealthy, even the stones were made of gold. According to Hebrew scripture, King Solomon received tribute from Ophir. Every three years, ships came laden with gifts of gold, silver, precious stones and peacocks. Like Atlantis or El Dorado, the true location of Ophir is lost to history.
Perhaps ​our Sophia is really coming from Ophir, laden with all the riches of that land.  Alternatively,  perhaps the attainment of wisdom is a great wealth in its own right.
"Sophia from Ophir" is a stained glass mosaic that also incorporates textiles under clear glass (background and dress). Semi-precious beads hang from her headdress and her ring and armband both feature decorative soldering.  

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