SOLD "Cassandra", stained glass mosaic, 24" x 24", framed

G Latchford

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SOLD "Cassandra", stained glass mosaic, 24" x 24", framed
This work is a stained glass mosaic. The piece is my contemporary twist on artist Marc Burckhardt's painting of the same title.
In Greek mythology, Cassandra was the princess of Troy. beautiful and charming, she drew the attention of Apollo - who was known for having an eye for mortal women.
To lure her, Apollo offered Cassandra the gift of prophesy if she would become his lover. She agreed and was granted the gift; however, when she reneged on her promise to be his, Apollo became angry and cursed her. While he couldn't take back his gift, he could ensure that whenever Cassandra shared her premonitions (like the sacking of Troy) , no one would believe her. 
In this sad turn of fates, eventually Cassandra was branded a liar and insane. Her father, the king of Troy, became so frustrated and angry that he locked her in her chambers.
Snakes are a recurring creature in mythology, often representing wisdom and/or esoteric knowledge. ​Some tales say that Casandra's premonitions were whispered into her ears by snakes.
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