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"As Above, So Below", Stained glass and textile collage, 28" x 46.5", framed

G Latchford

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"As Above, So Below", Stained glass and textile collage, 28" x 46.5", framed
Textile collage layer (without glass)
Stained glass layer
Collage and glass layers combined
Layers combined, with creatures underneath peeking out!
Another hidden creature!
This work is a mixed media piece combining textile collage and stained glass.
The work is a distorted reflection of self, as we can never truly see ourselves as others do. "As Above, So Below" is inspired by the belief that we each exist as ourselves on a higher plane, as the archetype of our physical manifestation on this plane. In this higher realm we exist already as we may become here - our highest potential. Perfect health, complete knowledge and a higher wisdom are already ours. Our lives here are a striving to unite with that higher self.
Look closely and you will find hidden within the work secret creatures - our egos, perhaps, or insecurities - those personal obstacles that stand in our path between us and our best self.
"As Above, So Below" has two layers that overlap to create one image. The bottom layer is a cotton and felt collage with paper on wood panel. The top layer is a stained glass panel. Each stained glass section outlines features within the collage. The two layers are framed as one.   
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