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Kalama, Washington


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Visualization Workshops

Art has always been my primary language, but creating art has deep and lasting benefits whether you consider yourself creative or not.

Creation is empowering! When you make a thing, you use your hands, your eyes, your mind, your focus - every part of you is lost in the flow of creation. At this level, we access our theta brain waves - the same waves active during meditation, hypnosis and REM sleep. Here, we're more receptive and can integrate more healthy behaviors and thought patterns. 

What's In a Workshop?

 A Visualization Workshop can work in tandem with ongoing therapy or any self-help process. You are free to talk about as much or as little of your personal story as you like. I'm not a licensed counselor or therapist. My focus is visualization.

I provide the materials and basic technical instruction to get you rolling on artwork that is meaningful to you on your journey. Symbolism, color and texture are powerful tools in helping us psychologically integrate new information.  I can help you find symbols that resonate with you, as well as colors that support the emotions you wish to explore.

Your creation is about process, not technique, but you may be surprised how connected you feel to the work.   

Art Themes

Workshop themes are self-directed. The issues you choose to explore are wholly personal. I respect you and I'm here to support your individual journey.

Here are a few commonly explored topics you might think about:

  • Inner Child Exploration
  • Personal Heroes and Archetypes
  • Visualizing Your Future Self
  • Past/Present/Future Self-Portraits
  • Exploring Your Connections and Influences
  • Chakra Mapping




I provide a quiet studio space overlooking the Columbia River in Washington. This is a safe, meditative space for personal expression.

A typical session is 4 hours, but your artwork may require several sessions. I work with each person's unique timeline.   

Fees are charged per session. Workshop fees include materials. 

Call, email or message me below for current rates and availability.