Greta Latchford is a mixed-media artist exploring the female subject, womanhood and identity using an innovative technique of combining glass and textile to produce richly textured imagery. 

Greta Latchford studied Visual Art and Design at the Greenville Museum School and Fine Arts Center, and Furman University in the late 1980’s. After an eight-year apprenticeship with glass-master Lorn Marshall, she opened her own glass studio in South Carolina. In 2005, she moved to the Pacific Northwest and worked as the Art Administrator and Curator for the Port of Portland designing exhibits for the Portland International Airport through 2016. Latchford continues to work as a Public Art Consultant. Her studio is located in Kalama, WA.


Artist's Statement

Through my characters, I explore the power of feminine and masculine energies. Each of us contains both – a push and a pull, moving forward and yielding, both power and vulnerability.  I’m curious about the impact we have on our world and each other as we each struggle to find our internal energetic balance.   

My technique is an innovative experiment of combining stained glass with textiles. Having worked in traditional stained-glass methods for many years, I was inspired to find a new way to work with glass. I enjoy the variety of textures and patterns that come from fabric and the range of finishing techniques that glass allows. My technique marries both. 

I begin with a sketch, then reduce the sketch to decisive black lines that I’ll cut from glass and fabric. After hand-cutting each piece of fabric, I fuse them individually to a muslin covered birch board. Layering, I create shadow and depth through the values of fabric.  Next, I glue each glass piece to the surface of the fabric. The space I leave between each piece of glass determines the heaviness of the grout line. 

Last, I cover the entire piece with fine grit black grout.  This is a climactic moment! No matter what image I’ve intentionally created, something magical and unintended always reveals itself as I wipe the excess grout away.

Having worked in clay, metal, glass and wood, I’m continually experimenting with unexpected material combinations – the pliable and the rigid. The interplay of materials reflects the interplay of energies that I’m exploring.



Solo and Group Exhibitions

Nov 1 - 30, 2018, Transform: Siren Nation, Portland'5 Center for the Arts, Antoinette Hatfield Hall, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205,

Oct 13 - Nov 13, 2018, Chasing Ghosts III, Verum Ultimum, 3014 NE Ainsworth Blvd, Portland OR 97211

Oct 5 - 26, 2018, The Tarot Show, Splendorporium, 3421 SE 21st Ave, Portland, OR

September 12 - November 15, 2018, New Beginnings (with Andrea Schwartz-Feit), Upper level, EUG Airport, Eugene, Oregon

July – August 2018, Solo Exhibition, Letting Go of Shoulds, McVarish Gallery, Astoria, OR

June 2018, Exhibiting artist, Lake Oswego Craft in the Park: Fine Art and Craft, Lake Oswego, OR

Sept 2017 – March 2018, Solo Exhibition, Archetypal Journeys, Portland International Airport, Portland, OR

August, 2017 Exhibiting artist, Art Adventure Gallery, Eclipse exhibit, Madras, OR

August, 2017 – January, 2018, Exhibiting artist, Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center, Kindred exhibit, Dowell, MD

June 2017, Exhibiting artist, Lake Oswego Craft in the Park: Fine Art and Craft, Lake Oswego, OR,  Award winner

October 2002 – 2005, Exhibiting artist, Kress Emporium: Art and Craft Gallery, Asheville, NC

August 2003, 2004, Exhibiting artist, West-End Festival of the Arts, Greenville, SC

July 2002, 2003, 2004 Exhibiting artist, Bele Chere Arts Festival, Asheville, NC


Professional Activities

Public Art Consultant, Eugene Airport, Eugene, OR, 2017-2018

Public Art Administrator and Curator for Portland International Airport, 87 exhibitions, 2010 - 2017   

Speaker, Exhibit Materials for Public Spaces, American Association of Airport Executives Art in the Airport Workshop, Dallas Love Field Airport, Dallas, TX 2015

Curator, Art of Trade, Industrial Art Auction and Fundraiser, Gallery 903, Portland, OR, 2015

Curator, Industry & Art, Industrial Art Auction and Fundraiser, Port of Portland’s T-4 terminal, Portland, OR, 2014

Exhibition and Anthology Selection Committee, Honoring Our Rivers, Portland, OR 2014

Curator, Honoring Our Rivers exhibition and reading event, Powell’s Bookstore, Portland, OR 2014

Speaker, Performing Arts in Public Spaces, American Association of Airport Executives Art in the Airport Workshop, San Diego International Airport Art & Culture Program, San Diego, CA 2013

Exhibition Selection Committee Juror, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, OR 2013

Panelist, Exhibition Solutions for Placemaking, American Association of Airport Executives Art in the Airport Workshop, Albany International Airport Art & Culture Program, Albany NY, 2012

Studio Instructor, Glassic Studio, Rutherfordton, NC, 1996 - 2004



2008 BA History and Economics, Portland State University, Portland, OR

1989 – 1997 Lorn Marshall's Fanglasstics, Greenville, SC

1988 -1989 Ceramics and Sculpture, Furman University, Greenville, SC

1986 - 1988 Visual Art and Design, Greenville Fine Arts Center and Museum School, Greenville, SC