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Stained Glass Mosaics

SOLD "Zeuxippe Spies the Kelpie", stained glass mosaic, 21" x 47", framed

G Latchford

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SOLD "Zeuxippe Spies the Kelpie", stained glass mosaic, 21" x 47", framed
Detail of glass mosaic with textile rocks
Zeuxippe (pronounced "Zook-Sep") is a water nymph. Her name, translated from Greek, means "she who yokes the horse". Creeping up beside Zeuxippe is a Kelpie - a mythological water creature said to lure children onto his back. His skin is sticky so once they climb on, they can't jump off. He takes them deep into the water and devours them, leaving their entrails on the river bank.
​Much of my work is inspired by mythology. These fantastical tales carry valuable lessons for us today. The larger-than-life characters serve as archetypes of our own experiences.
Zeuxippe sees the creature. She is aware. Will she fly away? Will she face and destroy it? These dichotomies of dark and light fascinate me.  As I recognize and face my own inner creatures, I seek to find balance between my own light and darkness. 
"Zeuxippe Spies the Kelpie" is a stained glass mosaic that also incorporates cotton textile under clear glass (background and Kelpie skin). Her wings are made of clear iridized glass for a gossamer effect.

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