Stained Glass Mosaics

I use two stained glass mosaic methods: glass-on-glass and glass-on-wood.

The glass-on-glass stained glass mosaic method has the appearance of a traditional stained glass window, but is more affordable due to the technique and materials. I use a clear, industrial strength adhesive to adhere stained glass to a clear glass backing. Once the adhesive has cured, I grout the work using a special fine grit grout made especially for this process. Lastly, I seal the grout. Most of these mosaics can be hung indoors or out. They come with hanging chain attached and are ready to be installed in your home. I utilize recycled wood window frames when I can. For smaller glass-on-glass mosaics, I use custom-made frames.    

The glass-on-wood method incorporates opaque glass and is made to hang on a wall, just like a painting. These mosaics are backed and framed with wood. They come with D-rings attached to the back frame, ready to hang on your wall. 

The collection below features both methods.