Custom Stained Glass

Details:  All custom work requires $100 design fee which will be applied toward the cost of your artwork. 

Explain, as best you can, what you envision for the artwork. What is the purpose? What is the theme? What colors do you love (or not love)? Where will this piece live? I'll work with your information to develop a preliminary design and color palette. This is our starting point. At this point, we can revise and develop a final design. I will provide a final price at this time. Installation may be available for an added fee, depending on your location.  

Once we have the final design agreed upon, I will begin producing the work. Depending on the complexity and my work load, I will provide an estimated delivery date. Your 50% deposit is due at this time. 

Final payment is due upon delivery of your finished piece. 

Questions: For custom orders or private mosaic lessons, contact me.

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