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Stained Glass Mosaics and Mixed Media Art

I consider myself an inner-landscape artist, illustrating the narrative of my own healing. I use creative visualization to clear past trauma, integrate new ways of being, and envisage my ideal life. In my work, I often employ symbolism taken from world mythology and spiritual traditions. Other times, I fashion my own symbols with meanings deeply personal to me.

After nearly three decades of work, I see patterns emerging. Where my characters began as a figurative autobiography of my life, simultaneously, they were telling a universal story, too. It’s a tale of loss and pain, hope and determination and, most importantly, rebirth.

My art is heavily influenced by the Vienna Secessionists, especially Gustav Klimt. The fluidity of Art Nouveau also inspires me, as does the 1920's Art Deco period.  I love the stylized representation of the female form through the ages.  All of these elements of my experience have shaped my treatment of materials and design.   

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