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Stained Glass Mosaics and Mixed Media Art

My art is heavily influenced by the Vienna Secessionists, especially Gustav Klimt. The fluidity of Art Nouveau also inspires me, as do the vibrant and warm colors of the 1920's Art Deco period.  I love the stylized representation of the female form through the ages (remember Patrick Nagel's Duran Duran RIO album cover from the 1980's?).  All of these elements of my experience have shaped my treatment of materials and design.   

But the female form is more than form. It represents the feminine energy that each of us holds, regardless of gender. Each being - indeed, every life force - is a balance of masculine and feminine energies.  In my work, I personify Classic Natural Law principles into figurative imagery. I use symbol to illustrate how seemingly disparate lines of thought stand incomplete until combined. Creativity and rationality, left and right brain-thinking, male and female energies, are, in themselves, incomplete without the other. Balance comes when we discover and wholly develop ourselves.   

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